LEAN and more transparent collaboration in the construction and civil engineering sectors

After years of recession, the housing and utility construction and civil engineering sectors are finally stabilising and growing again. However, as a result of technological developments, e.g. working with a BIM and information that is accessible anywhere and at all times via the cloud, these markets have undergone irreversible change. It is therefore important that all involved parties collaborate with each other in a way that is both LEAN and as transparent as possible.

With the Ibis software, Ibis offers all necessary tools for this purpose. Because they are based on the latest Microsoft technology, they are easy to use. If you wish, the software is also available on mobile devices via the cloud. It can easily be integrated with the software of your chain and project partners to facilitate a more efficient and effective collaboration.

Everyone in the construction and civil engineering sectors realises that proper collaboration offers better results than individual productivity optimisation. The largest bottlenecks for chain integration are the traditional ways of thinking and doing that are still prevalent throughout the sector and the large diversity of information systems being used. The latter issue can be resolved with our integrated Ibis software.

As in the manufacturing industry, the construction and civil engineering sectors can operate far more efficiently and reduce the occurrence of errors by sharing information via the cloud – properly secured, of course – and collaborating online. That is the vision that inspires the development of Ibis software: making the automation of your processes and your collaboration with partners as easy and accessible as possible.