Ibis is part of Brink Group. This group – founded in 1972 by Deddo Brink – believes that the construction sector can operate in a way that is both more effective and more efficient. The foundation of Brink Group is evident in everything we do today. Brink Group is about the management of quality, process and final results in the construction, housing and real estate sectors.

Brink Group is characterised by creative thinkers and thinking doers. Our motto is “do the right things right.” We are constantly looking for our clients’ real needs (the right things) and the most pragmatic solutions to the issues that come up (doing it right). We are convinced of the value of collaboration and integration and we bring parties, knowledge and expertise together to achieve clear results. We offer logical, accessible and demonstrably successful solutions. We innovate and develop, but never without a solid foundation of evidence.

For Ibis and your collaboration with Ibis, this means a healthy and solid foundation, rapid and easy access to experience, knowledge and expertise and – if necessary and desirable – a seamless integration of services and products. 

In addition to Ibis, Brink management / consultancy, Kontek and innvire are also part of Brink Group.