Estimate costs and quantity takeoff, with BIM and Life Cycle Cost scenarios.

For over thirty years, most contractors in the Dutch construction market have been using IBIS-TRAD to estimate costs for construction and civil engineering projects.

In the past, manually determining all necessary quantities took up around 70% of the total cost estimating time. This process is extremely sensitive to errors. For us, this presented the biggest business and innovation opportunity when we switched to quantity takeoff using a BIM and IBIS-TRAD.

Estimate cost, compare offers, win bids

With its unlimited number of element levels, IBIS-TRAD gives you extensive flexibility to use your own method to conduct estimations in as much detail as your projects require – with or without the use of the available codes and Unique Assets. You can also fully customise the presentation of your bid for your clients.

With extensive search and filter options, you will always have a clear insight into your budgets, while any issues are automatically logged. With intelligent measurement data, you can further increase the efficiency of quantity takeoffs. Finally, all budget information can easily be exchanged with other Ibis applications.

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